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Chopped Kale Spinach Salad with Dill & Toasted Walnuts

This salad is a testament to getting creative when “there is nothing in the fridge”. We all get into routines and habits with our food. Sometimes if you don’t see the usual suspects in your kitchen, it is easy to immediately jump to the thought that you have nothing on hand. I always try to see this as an opportunity to play with new flavours and textures and get creative!

While visiting my friend Shayna, I offered to whip up a quick salad for some visiting friends for lunch. Not being in my kitchen, I took a quick inventory of what we had on hand. A small bunch of kale, some spinach, fresh herbs, and some other bits and bobs. If I was at home, I would have made the classic kale salad that I always make and called it a day, but being in a new place and having four bellies to feed, I had to add a bit more bulk to the mix. I used to avoid spinach in salads - I always found it awkward to eat and lacking in flavour and texture, but in this case, I needed it to add some volume to the salad. Instead of tossing it in as is, I gave it a super fine chop and what resulted was delicate ribbons of green perfection. It added just the right amount of volume, while maintaining a lightness to it. It balanced out the heartiness of the kale perfectly with its soft, buttery texture. Who knew? The key to enjoying spinach in salad was just a few knife chops away! If you have not tried spinach this way, please do so immediately. I now add it to any salad I can.

Besides the ribbons of spinach, the second key to this salad’s unique flavour is a hefty amount of dill. Dill is one of the most underrated herbs and is highly unappreciated. It is packed with flavour and has such a lovely texture. I add it to sauces, soups and now, salads. It offers a pronounced freshness that really brings this salad to life.

With the addition of a few toasted walnuts for a bit of depth and crunch, a ton of lemon and a tangy vinaigrette and this quickly turned into a legendary salad to be enjoyed time and again. If you choose to, a generous sprinkle of fresh parmesan curls is a delicious addition for a richer, fancier vibe.


Makes 1 large salad


3 cups kale, chopped

2 Tbs olive oil

2 Tbs roasted walnut oil

Sea salt and black pepper, to taste

1 heaping Tbs Dijon mustard

3 cups spinach, finely chopped

Juice of 1 1/2 lemons

2 tsp red wine vinegar

1 shallot, minced

1/2 clove garlic, grated

1 bunch dill, chopped


  1. Massage kale with olive oil and roasted walnut oil, salt and pepper. Add Dijon mustard and massage into the kale.

  2. Once mixed, add in spinach and stir to combine.

  3. In a small bowl mix lemon juice, vinegar, shallot and garlic. Pour over top of the greens and stir to combine.

  4. Add dill and walnuts. Toss and enjoy immediately.

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