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Green Joothie

I created the word joothie to describe a smoothie that contains ingredients that you would find in a cold-pressed juice - basically any smoothie that is water-based, uses juice ingredients and isn’t creamy. I love a juice, but what I love the most about a joothie is that it contains all that delicious fibre from the fruits and veg it contains that a juice doesn’t. I find it much more satiating, fulfilling and gentler on the body as the fibre helps soften the sugars of the ingredients. The key to creating a smooth consistency is to blend your greens and your liquid together first before adding the other ingredients. This ensures no chunks of kale or herbs will make their way into any given mouthful (which can lean a bit more towards a blended salad than a joothie).

I find myself gravitating towards joothies in the winter months, when local greens aren’t as readily available. I sometimes have this visceral experience where my body craves green. In any form, really. And this is often what I make in those instances. This drink seriously brings me back to life if I am ever feeling a bit dull, tired or unmotivated. A way to quench yourself on a nutrient level!

This is the classic, but play around with what you’ve got - I have swapped pears for apples and many different greens and citrus depending on what I have on hand!

If you are like me and enjoy a cold drink during the cooler months, blend ingredients straight from the fridge (or even freeze the apple, add ice, etc.), and if you are not, blend all ingredients at room temperature.


Makes 2 servings


4 cups spring water

5 leaves kale

Small handful parsley

1 green apple, cored and quartered

1/2 lemon, peeled

1 inch knob ginger


  1. In a high-speed blender, blend water, kale and parsley on high until smooth.

  2. Add apple, lemon and ginger and blend until smooth. Enjoy immediately.

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