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Shayna's Matcha

I am pretty loyal to my beloved Cacao Matcha, but when my dear friend Shayna introduced me to her version of matcha, I became a quick convert. Simple, clean flavours and minimal ingredients, but with the same soft energy of my cacao version.

When she makes her version, she does so beautifully, carefully and lovingly whisking and straining her matcha. It is a truly meditative process to watch. I, however, throw all the ingredients into my milk frother and call it a day. Often, I simply combine almond milk and matcha for an even more paired-down version. No matter how I mix it, I always always top mine with a dash of cinnamon for a touch of spice and sweetness.


Makes 1 serving


2 cups nut milk

1 tsp matcha powder

1 tsp MCT oil

1 Tbs collagen powder (optional)


  1. In a milk frother, mix all ingredients until combined and heated. Enjoy immediately.

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